First of all, thank you so much for stopping by Shaymeless Cooking – I’m Shay!

My intention is to bridge the gap between eating well and smart, and indulgence – without all the shame! I have made it my mission to create inspired and healthy dishes for the busy whatever-you-are, with easily accessible ingredients that don’t require an expedition.

There is the a common misconception that healthy food is boring, tasteless, and uninspired. That’s exactly why I designed Shaymeless Cooking! After navigating the successes and failures of weight loss for years, I realize the reason for my ultimate success is all in the food. I knew I had to find a way to cleverly cook the calorie and carb laden dishes I found so comforting (my husband has fallen victim to my trickery!). So Shaymeless Cooking was born from the 30-or-so pounds I lost.

I hope you find this blog resourceful, helpful, and hopeful! Everything I design and cook has a purpose, and I aim for you to enjoy reading my posts as much as you enjoy creating these comforting dishes afterwards.



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