Savory Mushroom Cauliflower Fauxsotto


What’s been cooking in the Shaymeless kitchen, you ask? Well, currently, my husband and I are full Keto! So I am deep in devising delicious, savory, fulfilling, and comforting meals for us!

It’s very early in our process, so I will not weigh in on anything about the diet itself yet. Honestly, I am just happy to be back to some structure post-holiday, such a gluttonous time of year. As you know, the concept of Shaymeless Cooking is to create guiltless and inspired comfort food, without all the calories! So cooking Keto is just a tangential derivation for me; I can work with restrictions, simple!

As a launching point to start you all off this new year, I offer you this creamy mushroom fauxsotto! I love cauliflower, in all the amazing and creative ways it can be used. (I also love a good play on words, if you hadn’t noticed). I had not attempted a risotto-style dish before, but was inspired when searching for new creations. Who doesn’t love a perfect risotto? So, I offer you my low carb and Keto version!

Savory Mushroom Cauliflower Fauxsotto

  • 4oz/1.5c diced mushrooms
  • 3.5c riced cauliflower (about half a head of large cauliflower)
  • 4T butter
  • ~1T minced garlic (LOVE garlic!)
  • 1t salt, pepper to taste
  • 1/4c dry white wine
  • 1/4c bone broth
  • 3/4c unsweetened almond milk
  • 1c freshly grated Locatelli cheese (or any Romano style cheese)
  • optional: fresh thyme sprigs

Sautee the mushrooms on high in butter until softened, 3-4 minutes. Add in garlic. Reduce heat to medium-low and add in riced cauliflower, followed by the wine, salt and pepper. Stir to coat, then add the broth, and 1/4c of the milk. Cover for 5 minutes then add the remaining 1/2c milk. Return lid, and allow cauliflower to soften and absorb the excess liquid. I like a little bite to my risotto, thus I cooked my cauliflower to that consistency, about 20 minutes. Feel free to add more liquid (broth/milk combo) if you prefer a softer rice-like style! Finally, stir in the grated cheese and you will have yourselves a creamy, cheesy, risotto-style cauliflower dish!

I hope you enjoy – or use this as your launching pad! It would be amazing with some crispy pancetta, spinach, and gruyere cheese instead *hold please while I run to the store for these ingredients and try this*! Of course this would occur to me now. Stay tuned for an update as this will be my next installment of fauxsotto! 20190109174612_img_0884-02